Some would call this an autobiography. Others would say it’s a hell of a story. I call it my life. Living it had become the norm, but choosing to write about it wasn’t easy. It’s one thing to react to whatever life throws at you, and another to reflect on it. Looking at the things I’d witnessed, introspection is tougher than it seems. 

For the first time ever, this book will walk you through my improbable personal journey with brutal honesty. The good, the bad, and the ugly. My story, combined with an exceptional journey to the forefront of investigative journalism remains unparalleled.  As the host of the critically-acclaimed Netflix series ‘Inside the World's Toughest Prisons’, I continue to do what no-one has ever done before. Some call it bravery, I call it survival.  I am Raphael Rowe and my career was born as a result of spending 12 years in prison for crimes I did not commit.



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My reporting and investigative journalism about prison, crime and criminal behaviour has significantly changed people’s perceptions and I am very proud of that achievement.  I am successful in my chosen career because I am a curious individual, a skilled researcher, an experienced interviewer and a tenacious investigator of facts. Finding yourself can be the ultimate challenge. Encouraging and motivating people to overcome their own adversities and achieve their own dreams is important to me, regardless of whether they come from a deprived background with limited qualifications, or are successful postgraduates, or just an ordinary person seeking inspiration. It is important to change the narrative surrounding crime, criminals and the criminal justice system. I believe a more transparent discussion about what works, and what does not, is needed in order to reduce both the causes of crime and understand the effect criminality can have upon both the victims of crime and society as a whole.


The M25 Three were Raphael George Rowe, Michael George Davis, and Randolph Egbert Johnson, who were jailed for life at the Old Bailey in March 1990 after being convicted for murder and aggravated burglary. The name was taken from the location of the crimes, which were committed around the M25, London’s orbital motorway, during the early hours of 16 December 1988.The original trial took place between January and February 1990, resulting in all three being convicted of the murder of Peter Hurburgh, causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Timothy Napier and several robberies. Each was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder and given substantial sentences for the other offences.  The convictions were overturned in July 2000. All three men have consistently maintained their innocence.


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