Amazonian Ritual

Had I known the prisoner smearing lemon scented mud all over my near naked body was a convicted rapist and murderer I would not have partnered with him.

Amazonian Ritual
Gladiator Photo1

Brazilian Gladiator

The holding cell I was put in, by two heavily armed guards, stank of sweat and urine. Through the iron barred ceiling the sun lit my face and shoulders and gave the graffitied walls a menacing look.

Ukrainian Serial Killer

Waiting in a caged room inside a prison cell block to meet and interview one of Ukraines most prolific serial killers, Serhiy Tkach, was one of the most uncomfortable moments in my life.

serial killer Ukraine
RR on horseback

Lonesome Cowboy

The Camino de Santiago is made just that little bit more achievable when you do a few kilometres on a horse.

BBC One Show

So what is it like being a guest on the popular BBC topical magazine and chat show.



BBC One Show 15:03:18

Drug Dealers Talent

A major drug dealer from Lithuania serving time in a Norwegian prison was so pleased I complemented his art work   he gave me a painting.


I was an investigative reporter for the BBC Panorama television programme for many years and it is a very challenging and difficult environment to work in.

PS awards

Award recognition

I was never driven by or interested in winning awards for the journalistic work I have done. Was it the right decision?

Black or White?

I have never been called a white bastard but I have been called a black bastard more than once.